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  • Temecula's Top Event Design Showcase is Coming March 8th

    starry night bridal soiree image Not your typical bridal show

    That's an understatement! I know that's not good punctuation - but this is true. The Starry Night Bridal Soiree being held this upcoming March 8th at Wiens Family Cellars is really just that - the 'wedding' design showcase of the Valley and likely for all of the IE. This event is special in that the entire membership of the Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals (120+ members) are teamed up to create showcase exhibit areas highlighting the latest in design trends for the upcoming 2014 wedding season.

    It's well know that this year is going to be a banner year for weddings in the Temecula Valley. Area venue bookings are fair exceeding the past couple of 'recession' years, and with this, comes a renewed enthusiasm for staging weddings and receptions that embellish themes. These themed affairs are all the newest trend for both local, and celebrity nuptials. Remember the Sean Parker' Refined Woodlands themed wedding last year that reportedly cost over $10 million, and lets not even bring up the Kardashians and the one coming down the road this year (ak.a Kim).

    The point is that you can now incorporate these aspects into your wedding at little cost with some imagination and creativity - this is exactly what the Starry Night Bridal Soiree is for.  Sharing the tips and tricks in a real world environment. This years Soiree has 6 showcases ranging from the Refined Woodlands all the way to Marbleized. Couple these with a real mock wedding, bridal gown fashion shows, food, and entertainment and you have what the Americans call a party (but we like the french word - Soiree).

    I would encourage all potential and newly engaged brides and grooms to set aside a couple of hours in the evening of March 8th, and come and experience something uniquely different - but also alot more fun that the typical boooth-by-booth bridal show.

    More information and registration can be found at www.bridalsoiree.com

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