Time For A Little Braggin’

Not often does the spotlight shine on the efforts that the wedding community puts into spreading the word of the great offerings that the Temecula Area has for weddings and receptions. We’re blessed to have such a gorgeous are of Southern California to both live and work.

Since I started doing weddings in the area it has changed so much. From seeing the first wineries startup, to helping these venues setup their wedding departments, to the formation of the Temecula Valley Weddings Professionals, and much more. This experience has been similar to raising a child and seeing them mature. For that is what the Temecula wedding industry is becoming – a mature destination location for couples, families, and their guests to celebrate some of the most special occasions in their lives.

This past week VISIT TEMECULA  celebrated their awards for the past year and I was nominated for an Ambassador hospitality award for at the ceremony in the recently opened Pechanga Ballroom. Weddings in the local area are a multi-million dollar industry resulting in huge numbers of guest visits, event-related jobs, and more importantly, the shared experiences that we are able to provide couples in such a close-in location for much of southern California.

Getting nominated is an honor – but one that is collectively earned by all the wedding & event professionals that helped in shaping what has become in the words of many northern IE professionals; ‘the golden valley!’. Our congratulations to all the other nominees, and especially to Scott Wilson of Pechanga Casino & Resort who took home the muchly deserved award.

That’s about all the self-promotion your going to get out me!